Portable Electric Air Pump
Portable Electric Air Pump
Portable Electric Air Pump
Portable Electric Air Pump
Portable Electric Air Pump
Portable Electric Air Pump

Portable Electric Air Pump

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 Portable Electric Air Pump

NEVER buy another air pump AGAIN!!!



Getting a flat tire on the side of the road can be a HUGE inconvenience, and waiting for tow trucks and friends for help  can be a major headache, definitely wrecking your travel plans. Throw all the stress away! Our all-new Portable Electric Air Pump eliminates all the struggle and fuss and is a must-have for all car owners!
Keep your tire pressures where they need to be and save a fortune on your gas expenses!





  • COMPACT DESIGN-- Our pump's small size offers convenience for you.  You can bring it anywhere with you or just store it in the back storage of your car and it won’t even take much space.



    • UNIQUE LED DISPLAY-- It’s always best to be safe rather than sorry!  A clear and concise LED display is provided to ensure quick and  accurate reading of tire pressure. Correctly inflating your tires definitely saves money in your pockets.



    • WIRELESS--At full capacity, this pump’s self-contained battery can last up to 4 hours and standby 365 days, 25 minutes.


    • SELF-ILLUMINATING--Flat tires can come at any time, especially at night.  Ready for  these night-time emergencies, our  Portable Electric Air Pump has been equipped with self-illuminating highlight beads to aid in providing the much needed visibility.



    • PURE COPPER COIL MOTOR-- Our pump is engineered with an  all-metal cylindrical casing making it virtually indestructible and long-lasting. In addition it’s reinforced magnetic motor powers strong and increases performance drastically.  You can rest easy knowing your investment will perform at its best when you need it most!


    Simple Operation


    1. Connect the hose into the bottom tire valve core. 

    2. Press down the buckle on the air hose to prevent air leaking.

    3. Press the button Power button to wake up the screen. Note: Pressing the Power button when the device is already turned on will let you switch between different units of air pressure measurement.

    4. Press the Settings or gear button to set tire pressure value.

    5. Once you set the pressure value to your preference, press the Power button to start inflating, and it will stop automatically when the preset pressure is reached.



    Portable Air Compressor Mini Tire Inflator, VEEAPE Hand Held Pump 2000mAh with Emergency Lighting Digital LED Light, Rechargeable Lithium Battery for Bicycle Motorcycle Tires Ball


    Multiple Uses:

      • For car/SUV/RV tires from relatively low pressure to preset pressure
      • For bike/motorcycle tires
      • For sports equipment
      • For inflatable toys

        - NOTE: NOT for vans, coaches, motor homes, and trucks.

                   -NOTE: Due to HIGH demand,  please allow at least 3-4 weeks for delivery.


      • Battery capacity: 2000mAh
      • Maximum continuous working time: 30~40min
      • Inflation efficiency: 20L/min
      • Max Inflation Pressure: 150PSI / 10.3BAR / 990KPA / 10.5KG/CM
      • Pressure units: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2
      • Working temperature: - 20°C~ + 70°C
      • Working Power: 60W
      • Input Voltage: DC 12V (car charger), DC 5 - 15V (USB cable)
      • Working current: 1~5A
      • Floodlight: 80Lumens
      • Weight: 500g/1.10lb
      • Product size: 250*56*47mm (9.8*2.2*1.9 inch)
      • Packing size: 289*70*73mm (11.4*2.8*2.9 inch)
      • Outer air hose length: 15cm (5.9 inches)


      Package Includes:
      • Air Compressor
      • USB Charging Cable
      • Cigarette Lighter Charging Cable
      • Air Hose
      • Presta Valve
      • Ball Needle
      • Toy Nozzle
      • Storage Box
      • User Manual


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      The Portable Electric Air Pump destined to impress, and priced at only $74.99, for a limited time.

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